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Welcome to the OELCHECK-SHOP

Order the practical OELCHECK analysis kits and you will get all you need for an informative diagnosis and laboratory report.

Ordering analysis kits:

Block pricing
OELCHECK analysis kit

Our analysis kits include:

  • Original sample-bottle with embossing
  • Pre-addressed envelope
  • UPS return service (within Germany free of charge)
  • Sample information form + barcode label
  • Laboratory tests: All samples are analyzed and diagnosed by the end of the next business day, provided that the samples arrive at our laboratory before noon in our prepaid OELCHECK sample bottle for kit 1-5 and with a properly filled in sample information form.
  • Laboratory report containing a detailed statement made by one of our technical engineers.
    Additional specific tests can be ordered separately against payment.
  • Dispatch of the laboratory report via post, e-mail or fax.
  • Online-access to all laboratory reports and analysis data at LAB.REPORT
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